Friday, April 13, 2012

When we were in Capitola over spring break, we thought we'd swim around the Capitola Pier for a training swim. Jordan had a shorty 2/1 wetsuit and a healthy concern with the (small) incoming swell. We jumped in and it did not work-Jordan wanted nothing to do with it. Wrong gear, too much swell, sensory overload. I immediately thought "What have I gotten myself into?" I signed up for this swim, published our intentions to everyone, started a fundraiser, and now I will have to call it all off. Should I reimburse the people who donated?
Instead, we went to the O'Neill wetsuit outlet and got a 4/3 full suit and forgot about open ocean swims. In San Francisco Bay, there is no swell so we don't need to train for that. Upon getting home, it was off to Folsom Lake to try again. Folsom Lake is really warm in the summer, but we found out it is cold in the winter. My objective was to get there, get in, swim back and forth as many times as possible under the Salmon Falls bridge, and gain some confidence. It is about 100 yards across, so we set our goal of 5 times over and back. Without swell, it was awesome. The cold is a factor, but Jordan is super hearty and not that affected by it. We ended up doing 7 trips across and I cannot describe my relief to know that the journey continues. Two days later we spent 40 minutes in the cold water and had a ball.
The entire time I am trying to figure out if Jordan is really into this or is doing it for me. I have asked her multiple times to tell me if she is not into it. She assures me she is and I have to trust her. At Folsom Lake, she tells me that what helps her get through is thinking about the lives of the kids she is helping save, so thank you again to everyone who has donated.
This whole thing is also a great chance at personal growth for me. Anyone who knows me knows I do not obsess with preparation or gear. I make due with bare minimum, a reactor and not a planner. I would show up at alcatraz without the right gear and suffer through it. I do not have that choice with Jordan. I am forced to analyze systems and gear and make necessary adjustments. The wetsuit and swim cap were the start. I want her to have a hot pink cap so I can see her easily. We've decided against gloves and booties. This will be the most I've ever prepared for any event (and I've done an IronMan).
Thanks to everyone for believing in us. Thank to my family for supporting and enabling us.

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